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Feeling Flushed - Page 6 - Down the drain! - By TheWatcher - Overview
Iris can’t see anything. She hears nothing aside from rushing water. She desperately holds her breath, feeling her body twist and turn in impossible ways on its trip through the plumbing of her apartment. Suddenly she takes a swift downturn and her speed increases dramatically. A quiet, muffled beep is heard and she takes a spontaneous turn at a fork in the tube. Another few seconds pass.

Suddenly Iris is deposited unceremoniously into a far more open area, suddenly able to breathe. She’s almost afraid to open her eyes, not knowing at all what to expect. Finally she opens them, light flooding her lenses as she’s greeted by a pristine, white tunnel. This is certainly not what she expected. Iris slowly gets to her feet, only now remembering that she’s naked.

Observing her surroundings more closely, Iris notices that the tunnel she’s standing in has the EnE logo printed on the walls every 50 feet or so, with the words, “WASTE DISPOSAL/TRANSPORT SYSTEM” printed underneath. Beginning to shiver from the cold of being soaking wet, Iris looks behind her at the pipe that had spit her out. What she didn’t expect, however, was seeing not just one pipe, but dozens, all lined up in neat little rows. Each one is about the diameter of Iris’ arm and each had a number assigned to it along with a blue button labeled, “RETURN”. Upon examination Iris discovers the numbers correspond to the rooms in her apartment building. The address of her building is placed upon the rows of pipes like a street sign. Iris looks just to the right of the smaller pipes to see a much larger one, clearly labeled, “WASTE”. It leads down below the floor, presumably to the ‘real’ sewer system. Iris shudders, glad she’s not swimming through the muck down there.

Iris looks down the tunnel only to see set after set of pipes, presumably belonging to more apartment complexes. Off in the distance she can see singular pipes that can only belong to single houses.

At last Iris’ attention is returned to the blue buttons labeled, “RETURN”. Each pipe has one placed directly to its right. Iris has no earthly idea what they might do, and is apprehensive about pressing them.
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