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Black Widow - Page 6 - Fighting outside the vehicle - By MrCaliban - Overview
“You´d better stay back...”.-Hisses the attractive avenger, approaching to the undead guard, tensing her athletic body to fight and rush outside the vehicle. Though outnumbered outside, the skilled, sculptural avenger thinks that the vehicle is a mousetrap to fight into it. So, as soon as the guard rushes clumsily to her, a heavy punch sends him out of the vehicle, removing it of the gate, allowing her to escape.

Surprisingly, once outside, a second guard falls over Natasha, but an elbow hit on his jaw, followed by a mule kick on his guts send her second opponent to the ground, allowing Black Widow faces to the other two guards, that, clumsily, also rushes to her. Immediately, the mighty avenger realizes that there is something wrong with those undead guards. Not only they seem fucked zombies, but their bodies are too much bland, as empty shells.
Then, with horror and reluctance, Black Widow sees as, through their opened, moaning mouths, another mouth appear, a rounded mouth filled with sharp teeth. Somehow, though startled by such a disgusting revelation, the brave avenger rushes to them without hesitation, unleashing a double lariat on them, sending her undead heavily to the ground.

Satisfied, Black Widow turns back.-“These creatures are not tough after all...”.-The sculptural super spy mutters...just to see as the guards, clumsily, begin to stand on their feet again, unhurt.-“Damned!!”.-Curses Natasha, staring the moaning undead that rush against her again.
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