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Shrunken at the Homestuck House - Page 6 - Pass Out - By TanookiBoy12 - Overview
Your body cannot handle the amount of physical pressure you've just put on yourself, and you pass out in exhaustion. There's no real dreams that pass through your subconscious, and you simply wake up after an unknown amount of time. You're still on the bed, that's for sure, but there's a strange darkness surrounding you and you feel constant blasts of hot air blowing against your body.

Tired and confused, you rub your eyes to try and get your bearings and you come face to face with someone you don't recognize. She had light grey skin, with black pupils and orange eyes. Her hair was short, black and curly, and poking out from her head were two cat ear-shaped horns. She was wearing absolutely nothing, her relatively small breasts hung down from her chest while her butt hung in the air, a blue tail swishing around. Her black and orange eyes stared at you with intrigue.

"Hi there! Who are mew?" She asked with intrigue.

"I-I have no idea.. Who the heck are you??" You ask, taking a step back in fear.

She giggled. "Mm I'm Nepeta, and you look tasty~!"

She then made a grab for you, trapping you in her grasp and bringing you to her face while you scream and writhe. As you squirm, she brings you over her and dangles you above her olive green, salivating mouth.

"Bottoms up~!"
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