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3 Nights at Grimlin's Summer Camp - Page 6 - Go sneak up to the other room and check if the door is locked - By gouj1 - Overview
You stealthily sneaked up to Amy's door. You checked her door and found that it's unlocked. You know how irresponsible Amy is from when she is still a kid.

You go into her room and notice her bags open, with her panties lined up for you to steal. She is still singing in the bathroom. You took one of them, a pink thong, and thought about how slutty Amy is to bring this kind of underwear to the summer camp.

However, as you sniffed her panties, you heard some strange sound emanating from the ceiling. The surrounding grew dark, even the light beyond the curtains died out like eclipse. The room rattles and you are left completely in the dark.

When the ratting stops, the first image that greets you is the ceiling being infinitely higher than before. Everything sounds really loud, and even the brief wind coming out from the floor slits are like roaring storm. You wonder what is happening around you, and you looked down to yourself and realize that you are now a tiny person!

You screamed and shrieked. You looked around you and realized that you are probably around five centimeters tall. To your horror, you saw an ant some distance from you, who are now sized like a lion. It looks at you with interest, and starts to creep towards you!
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