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The Fire Emblem Heroes Interactive! - Page 61 - A change into Summery attire! - By SupremeToadLord - Overview
“Oh, hold on I just remembered something!”


“Wait right there, I’ll be back in a few minutes!”

Before you could even ask what might’ve been on her mind, she zoomed out of the room with such haste, the door seemlessly closing behind her & quite frankly, leaving you incredibly frazzled at the events that just took place in a matter of seconds!

You simply huffed - well, you guessed you were waiting for a few minutes for her return then, not that you could do anything else anyway at this swallowable size… heh, ’swallowable size’... that immediately came to your mind before any normal alternative was thought of.

As the minutes passed, you began to tap your fingers against your legs, occasionally glancing over at the clock to see how much time had passed.

About 7 minutes after she left…

Ah, you heard the door handle being grabbed, then it opened up to reveal Norne had indeed returned, though not in her usual attire…

“I’m back!” She announced her return before turning around closing the door, then she turned back towards you, giving you a pristine view of her in her new, summery attire. “Thought I’d try this on since it's getting hot & I hadn't tried it on yet, plus you got it for me so it’d be pretty rude not to try it on.” Heh, you noticed the slightest tinge of a blush on her cheeks after noting you were the one to gift her this attire. “Anyway, how do I look?” She did a little twirl in place, giving you a brief view of her backside before you were once again… admiring her front.

How did she look? There was no other answer besides saying she looked really cute & that the attire fits perfectly for her! The colours were of course very reminiscent of her normal attire, a lot of red and pink & quite frilly too! As captivating as she looked however, there was no ignoring the elephant in the room, that being her slim midriff, completely exposed to your eyes to… admittedly ogle - she’d understand though. Such alluring flesh… ah, & you could even see the faint glowing of the healing magic deep within!

Hmh, it made you wonder if she had even noticed that.

Well, you had told her of your thoughts…


...yielding a cute giggle from her before she reached for you, carefully wrapping you up with her fingers, then she lifted you up, riiiight up to her bright face!

“Knew you’d like it!” Yeah… really like it~! Guh, you almost wished she didn't lift you up so preemptively… so you could have more time to admire her stomach but alas, it was for the better as you still had an injury to handle. “I guess we should hurry this up though, I’ve already delayed it enough getting changed.”

Mmmh, you didn't mind the delay seeing as it allowed you to see her exposed midriff… haah, & now you were all too eager to wriggle beneath her soft flesh~!
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