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Arrival In Draconia - Page 61 - You transform into whatever your Master wishes… - By Dragonblaze - Overview
…you groan as you come to wakefulness. Your eyes attempt to focus as you come to, looking through a yellow lens, as you push yourself up to a kneeling position. You felt… powerful.

"'So, you awaken at last. You sure know how to keep your Master waiting, Slave.'" You heard Master's voice resound in your head, as you listen to every word you hear.

"'See for yourself what you have become, Slave.'" You listen, and you gaze down at your body. Your changed body.

Your body now resembled a dragon in design, but a human in form. Scales covered your body, and you felt your wings hang limply behind you from your back, along with a tail. You flick your tongue out in satisfaction, happy with your form.

"'Listen closely, Slave.'" The voice commanded. "'I require your unique… abilities to free me from my prison. You will aid in my escape.'"

"Yes, Master." You say obediently. You stand up, and as your Master speaks to you of what you must do, you continue to listen, unaware of the bright yellow glow that has now taken over your eyes.

End of Prologue.
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