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Super Princess Peach: Hunger Pain Panic - Page 62 - Well yeah, of course! - By MasterSpunk68 - Overview
"Well yeah, of course! Stomping on the koopatrols' spiky armor would hurt a lot, so we kind of have to jump on the koopas instead." Peach replied.

"Let's do it already then!" Daisy shouted impatiently, leaping up into the air and coming down on a koopa's back hard enough to force it into its shell. Soon after, her friends followed suit. The result was a trio of koopa shells tucked at the princess' feet, wiggling but unable to move.

"Nice work girls!" Peach beamed, commending her friends for their perfect hops.

"Thank you, but we must not celebrate prematurely. Those koopatrols are still here, and they look hungry." Rosalina said. She was right- the koopatrols were moving in quickly, their eyes seemingly longing for a taste of royal flesh.

"What now, Peach? We need to take care of those guys. We can't get the star until we do."

"Hm..." Peach thought aloud.

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