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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 7 - A Normal Life - By Megaladong - Overview
You decide not to follow your dream and stay with the tribe. Finding a Thunder Stone is unlikely and the journey would probably have ended in some predator's stomach. You play it safe and decide to live a normal life as a normal pikachu. Your friends and family celebrate your decision to stay.

You find a mate and settle down. You become life mates with a strong handsome buck and over your life raise him seven pichu. One of your young is taken by a predator but the others grow up to be healthy adults. Instead of using your hard-headedness, intelligence, and ambition to become a raichu, you use those traits to elevate your family's position in the tribe. You quickly climb social groups, making friends with the right pikachu. Your mate intern uses his strength and battle prowess to become a leader of a patrol group. You and he secure resources and safety for your pups. You and he also pass off good genes and your pups become high-ranking respected members of the tribe as well. Your family becomes one of the most powerful in the tribe. In your latter years, you become the matriarch of the tribe. Your job is to protect the tribe's young from predators and you do so well. You even find the beast who has been killing and eating pichu at the watering hole for years. Thanks to you, the tribe finds and kills the monster, and you are hailed as a heroine. The size of the tribe swells under your watchful eye. Years later your mate dies of old age and you die a few days later of heartbreak. Your deaths are mourned by all. Your children think of you as a great mother and the tribe thinks of you as a great member. After your death, many name their young after you. Word of you travels through the forest and even to the Southern Tribe. You leave a lasting legacy as a great matriarch of the Central Tribe. Your life was good; but don't you wonder what would have happened if you found a Thunder Stone?
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