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Into the belly of the beast - Page 7 - Escapes, and runs to get help - By Swallow-Her - Overview
Amanda quickly lifted her leg out of the ring the snake had begun to form around her leg, and ran towards the door. As she was about to leave she turned and yelled that she'd return with help for Jackie, and to hold on, then she left. She made her way to the gym as quickly as she could, but when she opened the doors to the gym she was shocked, there were giant snakes all over the gym attacking and killing the students! Before she even had time to grasp the situation she felt a tug on her arm and was pulled out of the gym by Taylor, who continued to run holding onto her arm. "What's going on?!" Amanda screamed, but Taylor ignored her, continuing to run, She yelled again, and Taylor answered; "I don't know! but we have to get out of hemmmph!". Before she could even finish her sentence, one of the snakes broke through a window and clutched it's jaws on to Taylor, remember how useless her struggle to save Jackie was, Amanda looked for something to kill the snake with...
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