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Krystal's Vorish Adventure! - Page 7 - ...was too tired, and couldn't move. - By VorishFoxie - Overview
"F-Fox..." She sobbed, tears streaming down her face. The foxes grabbed her and put her on a spit. They didn't impale her, they just tied her to it. As they carried her out, she could've sworn she saw a chef stay behind and scoop all of the sweat and cum into a bowl. She was promptly set above an unlit fire. She knew this was it. Was finished. Then, she felt a sharp pain enter her neck. A fox injected a serum into her with a very crude needle, made from a cobra fang. Almost instantly, she lost feeling to her body. Were the foxes being... generous? She didn't realixe it, but the fire had been lit, and her fur began to burn and cook. Chefs marinaded her in butter, oil, and thier sexual juices as she slowy cooked. The only thing Krystal could feel was a little heat. She didn't even notice them stuff her womb full of veggies, and plug it with a carrot. However, it didn't last forever. soon, she slowly started to feel pain and heat as the serum wore off. She gave a muffled scream as her flesh was cooked slowly. Not too long after the drug wore off, the fire was put out, and krystal's cooked body was placed on a big platter. She was placed so that her butt was in the air and her breast's squised under her weight against the platter. There were fruits placed decoratively around her, and her body sheened with butter and oil. She was ready to eat.
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