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My Little Pony vore interactive - Page 7 - Marine Delight - By OrcaSnack-Garth - Overview
Marine Delight, the creation of OrcaSnack-Garth.

She lives in Seaddle in a large beach house with her best friend, a killer whale named Verndari. Her favorite hangout is the Cowmare's Espresso, where scantily-clad mares can strut their stuff while serving their customers steaming hot cocoa. She had wealthy parents who had raised her into the friendly young mare she is today before they passed away. She came across Verndari after he had first swallowed her whole, saving her from being attacked by a shark in the middle of a storm in the ocean after falling off of her father's motorboat. Since then, she has gained a deep love for orcas, especially Verndari, and travels with him, in his forestomach or on his back, to befriend the marine inhabitants that exist off the coast of Equestria. She sometimes dreams of visiting Ponyville and has special connections for ordering "special" milk straight from Trottingham from a certain large-mammaried earth pony.

For this pony, the vore will be mostly tame. No digestion, full-tour, scat, hard, anal or cock vore. It's all soft oral vore from the perspective of Marine Delight. Sex is allowed, but no pregnancy. Soft vore can only be performed by large animals or ponies that can shrink other ponies. And another thing... Marine is bi-sexual and her favorite partner is Verndari. Have fun with that... X3 And Verndari is straight.
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