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Vore in the Real-World!?! - Page 7 - Petite Treat - By Fangroller - Overview
"Nice choice, I bet she'll go down nice and easy." Pred hands you the bathroom and winks. The bartender is also in approval, signified by a simple nod. Keys in hand you walk over to the girl and you introduce yourself.

"O-oh, hello. Sorry, I've just kind of been on edge recently. You see a lot of my friends are into... vore. Sorry, I just... I just haven't adjusted yet, I guess, hehe." The two of you hit it off and eventually she begins to calm down. Seeing her calm, you decide to make your offer. "W-wait, you want try out vore... with me? Well, I'd be lying if i said i wasn't a lil bit interested in trying it out. Okay, ya, let's do it!"

You didn't get chance to specify that she would be the prey in this. Well, too late to go back now, right? You can already taste her already. Just imagine the feeling of gliding down your throat, her small feet kicking in the air as she tries to get back out, and her rubbing against your stomach. Then again, she did awfully excited to actually to eat someone. It's up to you how this plays out.
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