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Feeling Flushed - Page 7 - Press the button for her own room. - By TheWatcher - Overview
Iris’ finger lingers over the button which corresponds to her own room, biting her lip for a good while before pressing it. There is a loud gurgling, whirring sound as the pipe begins to gush water, but it doesn’t pour out. Instead, it appears to be sucked right up the pipe. Iris bends over to inspect the inside of the pipe, discovering that the pipe utilizes rim jets, not unlike a domestic toilet. Suddenly the whirring sound grows louder and Iris feels an unseen force yank her head against the pipe. Before Iris can even figure out what’s happening her head is already sucked up inside the tube, followed by her neck and chest. The rest of her body starts twirling slowly as it too is gradually slurped up into the pipe noisily like a spaghetti noodle, legs kicking frantically.

Iris travels up through the pipe she’d not five minutes ago been flushed down, taking the same twists and turns, only in reverse. Her journey was a lot faster this time around. She’s pushed through the S-bend of her toilet again, light stinging her eyes as she emerges in her bathroom. The porcelain throne regurgitates her right up to her calves. With a little effort she’ll be able to work her legs free and step out of this crazy commode.
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