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The Random Encounter - Page 7 - Overwhelm her with your sword skills. - By CuddleSlut - Overview
You decide that the best route to overcoming a powerful mage like Terra is to force her into direct combat. With simple, brutal force, you will batter her slender form into submission before she can muster her magical force.
You draw your sword and rush forwards. Terra turns on her heel, a shocked expression on her face, alerted by the sound of your boots against the cavern floor, and rushes to draw her sword. She narrowly parries the blow, but the force still upsets her balance, and she stumbles backwards, gasping. You advance again with a storm of powerful slices, Terra backing up as she struggles to maintain her gaurd. She catches your blade on her hilt, and you press your weight against her as she grimaces and sweats, struggling to hold you off.
Suddenly, a pink glow begins to shine from within Terra's skin, her expression shifting from panicked to fierce and determined. Her hair flickers a moment, then her hair tie snaps as a burst of pink flames envelops her, the intense heat making your face sting and your eyes water. Her clothing vanishes and her lean muscles swell on her arms, thighs and abdomen, her hair dancing wildly on her head she morphs into an eerie hybrid of esper and human.
Charged with an incredible new strength, Terra growls and shoves you backwards. The pace reversed in a moment, Terra lashes out with bestial ferocity. Her strikes comes with inhuman force and speed now, and you struggle to keep up with her as she hammers away at your guard relentlessly. She roars as she hefts her bastard sword over head and brings it down at your face. You guard the incoming blow, but the sheer force shatters your blade. You fall onto your back, the useless remnant of your weapon slipping from your hand as you quiver with fright. Your beastly foe advances, towering over your helpless form.
Before you can scramble away, she seizes you by the ankle. A deep rumbling growl sounds from Terra's belly, and she sets her sword aside to grab your other ankle and lift you by the feet, leaving you with upside down, your head brushing the dirt. Her mouth yawns open to an impossible size, like the mouth of a snake, and she pushes both of your feet into her mouth, boots and all. You gaze up in horror, as it hits that this monstrous woman is going to devour you alive.
You scream, panicked, and frantically reach for a hand hold, your fingertips skidding uselessly off the barren cavern floor. Terra swallows, taking your ankles down her throat. Her hot, wet breath rolls up your legs as her drool begins to soak through your breaches. You try to kick yourself loose, but Terra holds your knees together in an iron grip, her esophageal muscles tight around your wriggling feet as they drag you into the depths of her belly. She lifts you from the ground effortlessly, like a ragdoll, and swallows you up to your thighs.
"S-someone help me!" you cry, your voice cracking pathetically.
Terra's clawed hands grip your flanks now, and with a few wet, noisy gulps, she takes you in up to your waist. The heat of slick flesh envelops your lower body, and a for a moment, a tinge of arousal mingles with your fear. You shake off this feeling and desperately try to shove yourself out of Terra's mouth, but she seizes your wrists and crams them inside her slaver-slick cheeks. You slide in down to your shoulders amid a frenzy of ravenous gulps, Terra's esophageal muscles squeezing you tight and dragging you further and further down her throat. Then only your head protrudes from her mouth, staring horrified out into the dimly lit cave, the last bit of light you'll ever see. Her stomach bulging now, her expression growing more relaxed and content, Terra's lazily sucks your head into her mouth with a slurp like a wet kiss. Her teeth click shut over the last errant strands of your hair, and she swallows, her throat bulging obscenely one last time before you finally sink down into her belly.
Terra belches a puff of pink, sour fire, and takes a seat, her arms around her massive belly, her transformation fading now as she returns to her normal, human form. She blinks, her mouth slightly open, as if waking from a trance. She looks down at her immense, sloshing stomach as you squirm and writhe within her, and as she realizes what she's done, she pouts.
"I've lost control again," she mutters, annoyed. "And just when I thought I had mastered my Esper form... thank goodness Locke and the others weren't here to see that. I worry enough about them accepting me as it is."
You jostle Terra with a particularly intense struggle, and she gasps, startled.
"Let me out," you plead. Terra's stomach has begun to secrete digestive fluids onto you, and they cause you skin to tingle and soften as they soak through your armor.
Terra closes her eyes, folds her hands on her stomach, and sighs. "I'm afraid not. You're a threat to my friends and I. Take solace in the fact that I've slain you with my belly instead of my blade. You won't go to waste this way."
You continue to shout and protest, your voice muffled by the slimy, muscular walls of Terra's stomach as it squeezes and kneads you, but Terra pays you no more heed. She stands with a little difficulty, wobbling a bit as she struggle to keep balance with your weight inside her, then marches off, her expression determined, continuing her search for her friends. Her gait become more confident once you succumb to suffocation and go limp in the damp cradle of her gut, as he no longer has to deal with your struggles. Within an hour or so, her balance has improved markedly, as her stomach has grown smaller and rounder, no observable hint of you left to observe, as her digestive process has reduced you to a bellyful of mush. The hearty meal you've provided for Terra has lifted her spirits considerably, and she moves through the tunnels with an optimistic smile, a slight waddle in her step from the weight of her pot-belly. After a while, your digested remains being to sink through the long, winding trail of Terra's intestines. The last of your nutrients are drawn out as the steady pressure of her peristalsis squeezes you down into a long, thick log of waste. As you the reach the end of your journey, your tip now pressing at Terrra's rectum from within, she pauses and bites her lip.
"Mmm... I think I'm going to have to rid myself of that Sargent before I continue my search."
Terra takes a moment to check her surroundings, ensuring there's no monsters here to interrupt her bathroom break, then puts her back to the wall of the cavern, tucks her cape in front of her and pulls down her tights. She crouches, her cheeks spread, and gives a little grunt of effort as she blows out a fart. Then her puckered asshole expands, and the first tip of your brown remains pokes out. A thick, solid turd slides gradually out of Terra's ass, occasionally bending over on itself and breaking, adding another steaming chunk to the pile. Terra breathes a sigh of relief as she pinches off the last bit of you, then wipes herself and stands up.
Nothing, aside from its size, would suggest that the stinking pile of poop slowly cooling on ground was ever a respected Sargent of the Gestahl Empire. Terra's inhuman guts have broken down every bit of you, from your flesh to your bones to your armor. Nothing remains but solid, brown waste.
Terra hoists up her tights. The slender young woman has grown a bit less slender from her meal, and a little extra fat jiggles on her breasts and hips, but she hardly seems to notice. She leaves you pitiful remains behind, unmarked by a grave-stone or a proper burial, and soon rejoins with her friends to continue her quest.
Your story ends here.
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