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Shrunken at the Homestuck House - Page 7 - Reason with her - By TanookiBoy12 - Overview
"W-wait please don't eat me! I-I am of much more use to you as a... Uh... Servant then as food!"

Nepeta paused, opening an eye to look at you. "Really?" Her olive green tongue licked her lips, making you shudder.

You nod eagerly. "Y-yep! I could uh... H-help relieve any sexual tension you have! ... For example.."

You were blushing hard at this point, bright pink, and so was this girl. Her face was flushed with an olive tinge and she looked away. "I-I guess I have been a little pent up.." Turning to you, she bit her lip. "Okay, it's settled! You can help me get off! Now, don't be scared, because I'm just going to..."
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