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Super Princess Peach: Hunger Pain Panic - Page 70 - Stubbornly Snacked On Alt (DEATH) - By MasterSpunk68 - Overview
"Dummy? How immature. I say we still use our magic, and what I say goes!" Peach decided, stomping her heel angrily into the ground for emphasis.

"What has gotten into you?" Rosalina asked, caught off-guard by the usually sweet princess' uncouth behavior. "I might expect this sort of stubbornness from other people, but not from you, Peach. For all you know, you could pass out and be left utterly defenseless if you over-use your magic! You are not thinking clearly at all."

"Yeah, even I think you're being way too thick-headed." Daisy added, placing a hand on her cheek in disapproval.


"Just trust me!" Peach implored.

Peach's companions rolled their eyes as she took off running towards the patiently waiting koopatrols, who had heard the whole exchange and were eagerly awaiting Peach's foolish attempt at an attack. Neither Daisy nor Rosalina came to the rescue when they heard Peach cry out for help, or when they heard the sounds of koopas hungrily tearing into her and wolfing her down with long, rude slurps. They didn't even turn around when they heard the koopas burp loudly, signaling the permanent loss of their former friend. Instead, they simply walked away, knowing that whatever had caused Peach to do something so careless would doom all three of their kingdoms.

Daisy and Rosalina were found, overpowered and eaten shortly after by an even bigger army of koopatrols, and evil reigned supreme from then on out, all because of Peach's refusal to listen to reason.

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