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Super Princess Peach: Hunger Pain Panic - Page 71 - Koopupchuck (GAME OVER) - By MasterSpunk68 - Overview
"Oh, no..." Pauline gasped, looking on at the magical projector in front of her from between the bars of her cage. All of her best friends had just been eaten, and she was woozy with the thought.

"Oh, yeah!" Bowser cheered, pumping his fists at the very same sight. "My guys really showed those princess punks a thing or two about how to handle a hostage situation! Now get 'em in here, Kammy!"

"Already done, your Awfulness." Kammy Koopa said with a quick bow, gesturing at the small, victorious koopa army that had just been teleported into the throne room. The koopatrols stood proudly behind their fed inferiors, who were still full of juicy princess meat.

"Oooh, man... I'm gonna be sick. I didn't realize how stuffed with Peach I was..." One of the koopas groaned, not quite regretting his meal, but unable to fully enjoy it with such an overcrowded tummy.

"Yeah, dude..." Another koopa agreed. "We need somebody to help us empty out a bit..."

"Well, how about this bitch?" Bowser asked rhetorically, grabbing a shrieking Pauline out of her cage and tossing her roughly to the floor in front of his stuffed servants.

"Oh, thanks! She'll do real good." The last koopa said, eying Pauline purposefully. He then trudged to a spot in front of her, and began to give his new tool demanding instructions. "Push my belly real hard, slave. I need to let go of some excess food."

"No, I refuse! I'm not your slave, and my friends are not food!" Pauline shouted defiantly. Quickly, she was reprimanded for this, and as she felt a hard impact in her crotch, she screamed bloody murder.

"If you don't want to get your cunt punted again," A koopatrol menaced from behind, "You'll do as he said. You are weak, and your friends obviously are food. They're in his belly, aren't they?"

Pauline's lower lip began to tremble, and hot tears rolled down her cheeks. "I am his slave, my friends are food, and I will do as my master says." Pauline managed to say aloud despite the embarrassment and pain- taking another kick would have hurt her too much to resist again. Instead she began to comply, pushing on the stomach of the koopa before her with both hands as hard as she could.

"Very good. Now help my friends out by doing the same with your feet." One of Pauline's new masters commanded. He needn't have said anything though, as before Pauline could react, the other koopas had each grabbed one of her soft feet and lifted them up to their bellies, forcing the girl to push outward with all of her limbs to avoid falling to the ground.

After some time spent pushing and kneading the soft koopa middles, Pauline's arms became sore and began to shake. Luckily for her, she would not have to hold out much longer, but unluckily, what came next would be much worse.

"I'm gonna be sick..." One of the koopas groaned.

"Yeah dude, I'm gonna barf..." Another agreed. The last simply nodded, and together, all of their stomachs grumbled loudly. Seconds after, the three turtles simultaneously began to vomit, spewing their guts all over the brunette between them, who cried out in complete and total disgust. In a matter of moments, Pauline was covered from head to toe in the sticky, foul, greenish-pink remains of her friends. She tried to wipe it off, but there was too much of it. Giving up, she curled up into the fetal position and wept, hoping somebody would wash her off.

Her hopes were for naught, and as the koopas left the room muttering about how much better they felt after letting some dead weight go, Pauline began to wonder if the unholy stench of their upchuck would ever wear off. She'd have plenty of time to wonder locked away in her cage without so much as a paper towel to clean herself with.

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