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Arrival In Draconia - Page 71 - Cocooners - By Dragonblaze - Overview
You turn to a page titled "Cocooners". You read the words, seeing that they seemed to be runes glowing with some kind of enchantment. Perhaps that's why you can read the draconic text and see it translated as English. You make a mental note to ask Draco about that. You read the words and take in what you read.

"Cocooners are devious creatures. They are large black arachnids that prefer to cocoon their prey in their web. What makes them different from your typical spider is that they don't need food. The cocoons of their prey are more than enough. They feast off of the energy of prey trapped inside their cocoons, which in turn slowly turns the victim into a primitive minded feral creature that seeks and desires only to feel the soft silk that makes up their cocoons. A Cocooner's prey lives a long time, as the energy that is taken from them is replaced with a liquid that extends their life, while also aiding their transformation into the previously mentioned creatures. Their poison can put even a fully grown dragon to sleep in seconds."

You shudder. Being trapped in a cocoon forever did not feel like something you wanted to happen to you.

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