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Arrival In Draconia - Page 72 - Manalamias - By Dragonblaze - Overview
You turn to a page titled "Manalamias". You read the words, seeing that they seemed to be runes glowing with some kind of enchantment. Perhaps that's why you can read the draconic text and see it translated as English. You make a mental note to ask Draco about that. You read the words and take in what you read.

"Manalamias are the female counterpart to Mananagas. They have the power of hypnosis, and are quite strong. They love to enthral any creatures, taking intelligent creatures as their personal pets. Over time, their pets lose their ability to independently thrive outside of their hypnosis, and become permanent slaves to their lamia mistress. They absorb the mana of a creature trapped in their coils, more so if they are hypnotised. They use this mana as food, although they do occasionally have a legitimate food, though they will never eat their pets, or those they wish to enthral."

You shudder. That must have been what the creature you encountered was. You hope you never encounter one again.

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