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Super Princess Peach: Hunger Pain Panic - Page 74 - Koopatrolled Alt 3 (DEATH) - By MasterSpunk68 - Overview
"Decent idea, but nah," Daisy sneered, denying Toadette the opportunity to see her magic. "I'd rather just do things the direct way." Daisy then leapt into the air at the lead koopatrol, oblivious to the pointed dangers of doing so.

"But Daisy, you're going to-" Toadette called out to her ignorant hero, but it was too late. Toadette was forced to watch as Daisy came down hard on the koopatrol- right onto its spiky armor.

"Our turns, now!" The two other koopatrols said in unison, moving in on the two remaining princesses menacingly. Rosalina held Peach in her arms, trying to comfort her. Without Daisy, though, the two of them were outnumbered and outmatched- the fight was hopeless.

"Because of Daisy, we're done for..." Rosalina thought as she felt a koopatrol grab her and shove her body into his mouth. Neither her nor Peach struggled. They simply knew that a dumb mistake had cost them their lives and made them into meals.

Toadette watched all this from the side, too scared to move initially. Once this first burst of fear wore off, she came to her senses and ran far away, collapsing in despair when her body could carry her no longer and becoming a sitting duck for hungry predators.

"What an idiot! I mean, really, jumping onto spiked armor?" One of the koopatrols mused back at the site of the impromptu feast, burping out Daisy's crown as if to emphasize his victory due to her misjudgment.

"I know. Durr, I'm Daisy! I'm a big moron!" His friend mocked, striking a derpy feminine pose to really sell the joke. "At least her blue friend tasted good."

"Yeah, Peach was scrummy too," The third koopatrol said with a smile. "And filling, I feel like I need to work off some princess fat. Let's go talk to Bowser and see what he thinks about that." He suggested. His partners agreed, and together they went off to see their king for their lovely reward.

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