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Into the belly of the beast - Page 8 - She doesn't find anything, Taylor is swallowed whole - By Swallow-Her - Overview
She looked all around the hall for something to help Taylor with, but found nothing. She ran back to find Taylor been swallowed up to her stomach. Amanda ran and grabbed onto Taylors side, and pulled as hard as she could. "I'm not losing you too!" she screamed as the serpent continued to devour the girl in front of her. It was now at her butt, Amanda was holding on to the front of her legs, and pulling, but it seemed to be no use, nothing stopped it, Taylor was screaming "Oh god! please don't let this eat me! I don't want to die! I can't breathe in here, let me OUT!". The snake seemed to enjoy Taylors squirming, as it almost seemed to be grinning as it swallowed. Amanda had pulled Taylor right up against her, hoping that her weight leaning away from the snake would free her friend, Then she realized that her fingers were inside the snakes maw...
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