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Law of Tenko's Macro/vore interacitive - Page 8 - The grass is taller - By trigger12 - Overview
The grass seems longer now, but, theres something else.

What you see, seems to be a face of something you can barely make out.

The creatures jaw is almost foxlike, with fangs at each corner of its mouth, with a black nose. Its eyes are closed, with smaller white dots around them. That face is attached to what your standing on, which is his body.

You also notice snoring, which means its alseep. But, your soon greated by a massive yawn. You looked into his large toothy mouth and what a sight it was. The soft pink flesh at the back of the mouth where the soft looking tongue emerged. The ridged upper palate and the large white teeth, even a strand of saliva was seen hanging near the back of his mouth.

He seems to have wokend up, seems to be looking right at you with his blank white eyes, You must be thinking that he's....

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