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Life Molder. - Page 8 - He loves this, and Lizzy obviously does. Go with it! - By Gimlet - Overview
He can't just stop her from doing this... OK, well he could but he doesn't want to. That was utterly fantastic! He... well, he's never actually been with a girl. He's been way too focused on his work to get a girlfriend. Vanessa he thought about on occasion, but he hadn't really seen her in a few months. After the first year at University they'd kind of drifted apart. No bad blood between them, but they'd both focused a little too much on school work, and too little on each other.

Well, maybe now he DOES have a girlfriend! Looking down at Lizzy in his hand he frowns. She is sort of cute, but doesn't look like a person yet, let alone a sexy girlfriend! Maybe in a couple of weeks her body would at least look like a girl's, though he wasn't planning on growing her in size for another few months till the work on her mind was a lot further on. However, if he doesn't grow her yet and he makes her head more human... she won't be able to dislocate her jaws, stretch her throat and torso around him as she... eats him.

Richard grins, remembering her throat and... stomach he guessed, though it didn't feel bad... gripped and squeezed him. That had felt incredible! OK, he guessed he could adjust the human skull to keep the dislocatable jaw, and stretchy skin and tendons etc in the neck, esophagus and stomach. Have to work on the ribs and collar bones etc so she could still stretch but look human.

He stopped and stared down between her rather lizard like legs. Did he want to...? Right now her bones between her legs were open, still like a snake's. If she became more human like she'd have an enclosed pelvic bone and he wouldn't... fit down there, no matter how stretchy he made her. OK, well that would be... interesting, as long as he made sure she wouldn't be in pain from anything he did down there.
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