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My CV stadium branch - Page 8 - A Stoat. - By tastyWeasel - Overview
You see that your opponent is a large stoat with all white creamy fur that highlighted his black tail tip and his black finger and toe claws. While stoats were very similar to weasels, he was of a stocky build and a fair bit portly. He donned a blue thong which held a large sack that hung to his knees and sported an equally well hung, thick, furry cock. Upon seeing his opponent, he let out a soft chuckle. "Is that it? This scrawny little thing? I wanted a better challenge than the last guy. Oh well, I guess I can't complain about a free snack." He sighed. You get into a boxing stance as large stoat casually lumbered towards you, him stopping a few feet short of you. "I'm here to fight you." You said tying your best to cover up any intimidation.

"That's adorable, no, actually tragic." He replied. "Whoever let a scrawny little wiener weasel like you must have known you'd be fodder in here. My arena name is the Scrotie Stoatie." "How creative." You thought to yourself, puzzled by how casual he was about this. "Are all opponents this nice to each other?" You asked. "I'm only mean to people who are actually an opponent." He retorted. Before you could react to his insult, he leaped forward with speed as if he didn't have his massive "luggage" around, you finding yourself on the ground, pinned by the stoats balls. "So wiener weasel, what do you feel?" He asked rubbing his sack into you, him being outside in the heat was fairly evident by the smell that exuded from it. "Wiener weasel, what do you mean by that? My name is fehago!" You cried.

"Oh please, tell me this is a joke. You don't know?" "Know what?" You struggled to reply under his sack. "That weasels like you are a cockvore delicacy! Your long, slender, bodies fit perfectly in cocks, and wriggle real good too!" As you struggled to get the stoats balls off of you, you felt movement from underneath his thong. "Ahhh, those must be the final throes of my last meal. soon that will be you." He giggled. "No! I need the money, I have to win!" You shouted. "You don't even look like you cock vored before." The stoatie grumbled. He then removed his pungent sack from you, but before you could get up, it was replaced with his long foot paw, his toes kneading into your chest. "Hehehe, you know what, I bet winnings that you can CV me and still lose!" Stoatie boldly boasted. He released his foot and flicked the tip of you cock with a single toe. "I'll even lend you a foot!" He dared. "This guy is insane. that, or some kind of elaborate trap." you thought to yourself. The stoat is obviously taunting you in front of the whole crowd to see, but it could give you the chance to take advantage of his cockiness.
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