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Feeling Flushed - Page 8 - Press the button for someone else's. - By u162 - Overview
"I wonder what this button does?" Iris said to her self as she pressed a random button. There was the sound of groaning pipes echoed through out the tunnel. Iris felt a invisible force pull at her as she slid across the floor towards one of the pipes. She turned around trying to run away from the hungry pipe. Her dark hair was pulled into the pipe be the powerful suction. She braced her hands against the wall trying her hardest to push against the force of the vacuum.Her arms soon became tired and she lost the ability to fight back. The pipe warped around her head like a hungry snake. She felt as her body was painlessly squished to a impossible size. With her arms pinned to her sides she could put up no more resistance as the rest of her body was slurped up the pipe.

Brianna sat in her bath soaking in the bliss of the hot water. Brianna was a attractive young woman with extremely pale skin. With large double DD breasts,ice blue eyes,shoulder length blonde hair,and a athletic body she was the object of desire for men and women alike. She was slowly drifting off to sleep when suddenly her toilet began to shake. Startled she jumped out of the tub quickly warping a towel around her self. A Hand shot out of the bowl and grabbed the rim.The rest of Iris emerged from the toilet gasping for breath. She found that she was still stuck knee deep in the drain. "What the hell! How do I even get out of here?" She noticed Brianna for the first realizing the situation she was made her blush with embarrassment. "Oh could you help me?"
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