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SWTOR: A Buffet Of a Cantina - Page 8 - Give the man some slack, let him have the night of his life, then gobble him up. - By Rainbowdash5432 - Overview
You slowly begin to pat your flat stomach, it still rumbling, "Shhh, don't worry dear, you'll get your fill later, I promise." With that you think enough time has passed. You walk over to his bedroom door, slowly peeling your tight dress from your form. Slowly your luscious body is reviled, first your large breasts are freed, bouncing as you pop them out of the dress, next the dress falls from your smooth torso, your fit flat stomach being exposed, a closer look would show ripples in the skin right over your stomach. Your dress then falls the rest of the way down, first exposing your cake of a rear, it being full and large. Your pussy is also exposed, it being hairless, your smooth long legs following. With yourself fully in the nude, you knock on the door leading to the Mandalorian's bedroom, after a moment it shoots open.

You take a set inside, looking around the room, it being decorated much like the living room, skulls and pelts lining the walls. You then set your eyes on the Mando, he stands at 6 foot 3 inches, taller than you, but not by much. His body is very muscular, a faint 6 pack shinning through his stomach, his arms and legs being well built as well. Your eyes then find themselves staring at his cock, standing at what you can guess is around 8 inches long it isn't the biggest you've seen, but you don't know if you've ever seen one so hard in your life. After observing the man for a moment you look up at the man, his cheeks still flushed, an embarrassed look on his face. You decide to make the first move, thinking that your belly would never get its meal otherwise.

You slowly walk up to the Mando, your hips swinging seductively from side to side, your large DD breasts' follow, bouncing slightly with each step. He was most definitely enjoying the show, his cock twitching at the sight, his body shaking with the idea of getting to kriff with you. You finally close the distance between the two of you, you take a moment, flashing him a quick cute smile before biting your lip, looking down at his erect member than back up to his face. You take your hand, gripping it around his member, it pulsing in your grasp, you slowly begin to pump it. You lean in close to him, pressing your breasts' against his chest, you bring your mouth to his ear, giving his earlobe a little nibble before speaking, "Are you ready big boy? 'Cause i'm about to kriff you /All/ night long.." You roll your words at the end of your sentence, each word dripping with sexual thrill. You take your tongue and roll it down the side of his neck, quickly bringing your mouth to his lips to embrace them before letting him reply.

You continue to stroke at the man's member, his whole body squirming against your own as you fill him with a sexual thrill. Your tongue begins to lock with his own, battling for control of his mouth. You then suddenly take a turn, removing your mouth from his own and taking your hand away from his member, he looks at you, confused, until you push him onto the bed. He lays there belly up, and you almost dive onto him, legs spread, you begin to ride him, all night long.
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