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Siblings' Revenge - Page 8 - Grab a cup and drink it. - By Unknown997 - Overview
You've always been curious what it would taste like, and you know that doctors make you pee in a cup sometimes, so it can't be that bad. What do they do with that anyway? You guess you're about to find out.

Lowering the cup from the sink to your soft cock, the rush of relief washes over you as you hear your hot piss pit-pattering inside. When you're done, you see you've filled almost the entire large cup. You really had to go.

As you lift the plastic cup of dark yellow liquid up to your mouth, the acrid smell makes you grimace. Are you really going to drink this? It smells horrible!

You do it anyway. You're already committed, no point in stopping now. You tip the cup back as you open your mouth and
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