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World of Kinky Oppression - Page 8 - Submit - By smithgerald - Overview
She's right. This is a woman who has spent the most part of her life flexing her exceptional hunting prowess. Even if you weren't in her domain this very second, she still could have easily ensnared you in her web.

You raise your arms in surrender. Lady Tatyana purrs with satisfaction at your choice.

"I usually enjoy the thrill of chasing hopeless prey, but since I've grown partial to your existence here, I wouldn't want your final moments to be in fear. Instead, I'm glad to see they are instead of appreciation." She untied her bathrobe and you watched as it dropped to the floor, revealing the alluring and shapely figure of the woman whose captive you have been since you could remember. She picked you up and you felt more vibrations course through you. This time, your head was now the size of her fingertip, which left you small enough for her to do pretty much any kind of method she chose when she consumed you.

You took you upstairs to the bathroom that her and the other two women you lived with shared. After placing you on the bench, she began to run a bath for herself. She then retrieved a lighter from the other room and lit four candles that were placed on each corner of the bath. Once the water had filled the bath, she lowered herself in and snatched you off the bench.

"You know, there's almost little point in getting rid of you when our home would have an empty room that needs filling. I certainly don't have the patience for raising another meal, and I doubt that either Lucy or Jane know any young boys who will join us at this abode of ours. Fortunately-"

She lowered her other hand into the bath and began to play with her wet folds.

"- we have a way to ensure that everyone wins."

She then lowered you down to her crotch and presented her hungry vagina to you. So, unbrith it is. She parted her glistening labia and started moving you towards her opening.

"My pussy is a magnificent thing, my darling. It has given me the gift of being female. It has given me the gifts the evolution has reserved for the fairer sex. It has given me the ability to give and take life. And, it is going to gobble you up." She inserted you into her vagina, the muscles of her vaginal wall almost crushing you. Despite it being difficult to hear, the moans of pleasure coming from Lady Tatyana were very easily heard.

It was wet and slimy inside her, and her vaginal muscles began to knead away at you, eventually pushing you up past her cervix and into her womb. The ruckus outside continued as she began to ferociously masturbate. You knew what would come next. Once it climaxes, the female anatomy is designed to absorb anything that may be inside it. And considering that the cervix was shut tight, that's definitely where you'd be once the climax came around.

After a few more minutes, a strange liquid shot towards you and slowly started to drown you. It was only a matter before you lost consciousness.

You have been unbirthed by Lady Tatyana.

The end.

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