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Hypno Castle - Page 8 - Wake up - By Dragonblaze - Overview
You open your eyes as you slowly come to. As you sit up, you stretch your long tail as you unhinge your jaw and let out a long yawn. That was a fantastic sleep.

All of a sudden, you sense something. You focus, and immediately understand what it is. You smile.

"Ah, a new outsider has entered my residence. It has been a good while since I rehabilitated one." You speak, your hisses perfectly kept under control. "Oh, silly me, I forgot." You look down as you shake your head. You only have a loincloth on. "Better put on my garments first." You slither over to your personal changing room. A few minutes later, you emerge, adorned in fashionable and fine clothing befitting a king, complete with your golden accessories. In your hands are a staff with a golden cobra head on top, and another item hidden inside your hand to keep it out of view of any onlookers. Why ruin the surprise?

"Ah yes, can't forget, the outsider. Better get a look at them." You begin to slither over to a large brazier, filled with a dark liquid. "Maybe it's a he. They're always fun, so defiant, or filled with bravado. And they take to the castle well." You speak aloud to no one in particular. "Oh, but mayhaps it is a female, oh, can't forget that! They are always fun! And when they are feisty! Ahhhhh! Oh, and if not, well, they are still fun." You continue. Then you look down, your pace slowed. "Oh, but it has been so long since I took the last female for my own. Oh I knew her well, so strong, yet so loyal, even at the time we met she was willing to stay. It has been far too long since I last visited her resting place. She deserves far better." You finish reminiscing as you stop by the brazier. You look inside, seeking an answer to who the outsider is.
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