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Super Princess Peach: Hunger Pain Panic - Page 80 - Use Magic - By MasterSpunk68 - Overview
"We should use our magic! That worked pretty well last time." Peach concluded. The frowns that formed on her friend's faces following this surprised her. Had she said something wrong?

"Uh, won't that tire you out too much, since you used it so recently?." Captain Toadette asked, innocently hinting to Peach that she should rethink her answer.

"Hm..." Peach thought, unsure.

"We will do what you think is best, Peach, but I would personally recommend listening to Miss Toadette" Rosalina pitched in.

"Uh, not to rush you, but those guys look hungry and we kinda need a decision here, Peach. What's it gonna be?" Daisy asked impatiently, eying the koopas that were on guard nearby.

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