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Super Princess Peach: Hunger Pain Panic - Page 82 - Head right for the star - By MasterSpunk68 - Overview
"Let's just grab the star and run. We won't even have to fight them for it, they can't block us all!" Peach answered, her eyes lighting up as she did.

"Well, I'd rather fight, but okay..." Daisy responded. Then, turning towards the blockade of koopas, she took off running in a bee line for the star. "Let's go!" She yelled as her friends followed closely behind.

"Oh no, you don't!" One of the koopatrols shouted in response to their apparent tactic. "Line up boys, don't leave any gaps!" He ordered. With military precision, the koopatrols all lined up behind their koopa brethren, each of which stood in front of where one of the princesses was charging. "You should probably stop running at us" the bored koopa droned, giving the girls one last chance to switch strategies.

"The line of koopatrols is too long to go around without being caught and too complete to charge through... ladies, our only remaining option, should we continue to charge, is to jump." Rosalina concluded after a brief assessment of the situation.

"Well then, jump we must!" Peach said, reacting to the change in circumstance as best she could on such short notice. Toadette watched with great intensity, anticipating the jump and hoping that her valiant heroines would clear the koopa obstacles in their way.

"Up and away girls!" Daisy shouted, leaping high into the air alongside her princess partners- but not high enough. As she left the ground, the koopa who was standing in her way hopped up and nipped at her yellow toes, sending her crashing to the ground with a cry of pain. She listened as Peach and Daisy squealed, apparently also having been tripped up, and saw them fall as well in her peripheral vision. The last thing Daisy ever saw was Rosalina's face coming down hard on a koopatrol's spiky armor, just before her own head bounced off the ground and cracked open like an egg.

"No, Daisy! Rosalina!" Peach screamed as she hit the ground with her arms outstretched, horrified at how quickly her plan had gone horribly wrong. "This... this can't be happening!" She sobbed, unable to come to terms with the fact that her friends had been taken from her because of a single miscalculation.

"Oh, but it is, Princess Peach," one of the koopatrols cackled, rubbing his hands together and licking his lips. "And now, we're gonna make all three of you into a Royal Stew!" He announced, eliciting cheers from his fellow soldiers.

Before Peach could respond, two koopatrols and a koopa each grabbed Daisy and Rosalina by their feet and hands and began carrying them away, their bellies grumbling and their mouths filling with drool in anticipation of the delicious meal they were going to make out of the girls.

"Please, don't do this! Toadette, help me!" Peach begged, but the remaining koopas showed her no mercy and her pink pal was frozen in place on the ground and crying out of fear, unable to do anything to save her idol.


"Private, shut her up!" A koopatrol ordered the previously bored koopa, who demonstrated an astounding increase in enthusiasm now that he was partially responsible for such an excellent victory. He knew he'd probably even get promoted for his skill at chomping down on Peach's yummy toes at just the right time to incapacitate her.

"Yes, sir!" he answered back with a quick salute, then turned and repeatedly smacked Peach in the face as hard as he could until she could only whimper in fear. "Done, sir! Her whining won't be an issue any longer!"

"Good job." The koopatrol commended, thinking that soon the koopa would be a full on koopatrol. "Now let's grab that shroom wimp over there and then get her and this waste of a crown over to our cooking pot, soldiers!"

"AYE AYE, SIR!" The remaining koopas all answered back in unison, one grabbing Toadette while the others lifted Peach up by her feet, hands and hair. Toadette kicked and screamed at first, but by the time her and Peach were being tossed into a pot of boiling stew with their former companions, she was silent and resigned to her fate just like Peach, who only sobbed quietly until she could sob no more.

The koopas' royal stew (with mushroom for flavoring) was the most scrumptious thing they had ever tasted.

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