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My CV stadium branch - Page 9 - Play along and wait for him to drop his guard. - By tastyWeasel - Overview
You decide to let the stoat live up to his bet. Murmurs emanated from the crowd. "This is stupid." "What is he doing? "I came to see a fight!" Were some of the things spewed out. The stoatie shoved his foot into your cock, a huge sensation ricocheted across your body as your cock was stimulated unlike anything before. Then the stoat sank his other foot in and pulled up your cock up around his waist like it was a pair of pants. Your cock felt a brief jolt of discomfort as it was stretched furthest it's ever been, quickly being replaced by greater pleasure than you've ever gotten from an orgasm. "Here I'll even put down my arms and make me nice 'n easy to swallow. I want you to get a taste of how I'm going to feel like with you inside of me." he gloated.

You begin to pant very hard as the lower half of the stoat swelled up your balls, stretching out your thong to it's limits. Then A strange feeling that you never experienced before began to happen, your cock throbbed, with each throb creating an undulation inside your shaft. Your cock was dragging the stoat down! "Heh, looks like you are pretty stretchy guy. I hope you enjoy this while it lasts." Were the last words that came out of the stoaties mouth before the tip of your cock puckered over them. The load in your loins just being there felt like a perpetual climax with your body quivering in pleasure. now with the stoat fully inside you, what do you do?
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