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Feeling Flushed - Page 9 - Help her out - By u162 - Overview
Brianna nods still in disbelief at what she was looking at. She held out her hand grasping Iris around the fore arm. She pulled with all her strength while Iris pushed against the bottom of the drain with her feet.There is a loud pop as Iris lurches out of the bowl almost knocking Brianna on the floor. Brianna towel slips off revealing her fantastic figure. Iris takes a moment to regain her composure. Her legs still feel a little weird from being stuffed inside such a small space. Iris pokes her legs a few times to make sure that they are still solid. Brianna slowly becoming more frustrated with this strange toilet girl clears her throat letting out a "Ah hem" to get her attention.Iris looks up to see Brianna standing before her with her towel barely covering her massive breasts. "Oh god shes so hot" Iris thinks to her self her gaze focused in on Brianna's cleavage. Feeling embarrassed by her gaze Brianna adjusts her towel to give her self a little bit more dignity "So what are you doing here... I mean how did you?" says Brianna with a mix of anger and confusion in her voice
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