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The Vet? - Page 9 - Deer - By CutiePuppy - Overview
You hear the 'clip clop' of hooves as the door opens and one of the most muscular of cervines you have ever seen enters, silently closing the door behind him before stepping toward you.

"Hey, the name's Justin."

You blink, amazed by the deer's impressive bulk, the only item of clothing he has on being his shorts, before extending a hand to greet him. He smiles as you shake hands.

"Hello there, what's seems to be the problem, Justin?" You say casually.

"Well Doc..." Says the deer as he sits on the edge of the table and continues. " see I'm a body builder and this body earns me my keep. I need to keep it in tip top shape to win the competitions I take part in."

"Yes..." You say, stepping closer so that you're standing in front of the massive deer.

"And well, a body like this sure needs a lot of protein to sustain it, so it's especially hard with me being a herbivore and all."

"Go on..."

"I need to would it affect my body if a herbivore such as myself started eating meat?"

"Well, Justin, I'm not quite sure I'm the right person to ask. Perhaps a dietician would be a better option but what I can say is that while your body isn't designed to digest meat it still can, but not without giving you some bad indigestion."

"So...just cramps?"

"Yes, I suppose, nothing else comes to mind."

"Ah, I see..." Nods the cervine before shifting off the table and towering over you with a predatory look in his eye. "...then it's time to eat!"
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