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Black Widow - Page 9 - Killing the guards - By MrCaliban - Overview
One more time, Natasha unleashes a rain of punches and kicks against the incoming, moaning creatures, moving around and among them as a lethal dancer. Her fists and feet keep hitting with deadly strength and accuracy their bland bodies, sending them to the ground one time and another. And, one time and another, moaning and grunting, the undead guards stand on their dead feet again, unhurt. Not as Black Widow which is feeling tired and tired after uncountable sweeps and roundhouse kicks against them.

“What the hell are you?”.-Mutter the sculptural avenger, trying to figure out how defeat that creatures from Hell. In response, one of the undead guards belch, vomiting a generous quantity of viscosity on the ground on his feet.-“Damned!!!”.-Natasha thinks. Now the lethal super spy is sure that those guards are not human anymore. Though with reluctance, Black Widow decides that killing them is the right decision in this situation.

So, when the guards rush to her one more time, Natasha draws her automatic pistols and, with deadly accuracy, shots twice her guns, hitting all of them in the middle of their heads...the best way to eliminate zombies.
The impacts make them to stumble back a few steps but, somehow, the guards doesn´t fall to the ground. Black Widow´s eyes open wide in incredulity and surprise as the ineffective impacts of her bullets.-“The will that moves them must be in other way...”.-Thinks the skilled avenger as the undead guards reassume their rush against her.-“Maybe...”.-Thinks the sculptural super spy, jumping agilely over the first pair of opponents, shooting at the knees of the other two, which fall to the ground, moaning and grunting. But, while Natasha rolls to face the foes on her back, a disgusting sound of splattering can be heard. Black Widow´s eyes open wide in disgust and scare staring as their heads have exploded, revealing the body of the rounded mouth appearing through the neck of the doomed guards.

“Well. At least I have got new targets...”.-The athletic avenger smiles, shooting her guns directly against the body of those ominous parasites, which shivers in agony with every impact, till her magazines are empty. Somehow, focused on the foes in front of her, Natasha can´t see as the crippled guards have approached to her, dragging their bodies. Their fingers grab her ankles trying to pull her shapely legs to their lethal mouths, distracting Black Widow´s attention.

Focused on these new foes, the skilled avenger is unaware that, in its agony, one of the creature spits its viscous, acid fluid against her, hitting her on her head.-“Aaaargghhh...!.”.-The beauty avenger screeches in disgust, blinded by the viscosity, but feeling with horror and reluctance as the cold substance slides along her face and bust, covering and staining them completely, burning her skin, making her to stumble, falling heavily to the ground.

Struggling fiercely, blinded, Natasha tries to release her calves of the hands of her foes but futilely. The crippled creatures begin to bite her legs eagerly. Though painfully at the beginning, the athletic super spy feels as the viscous, acid dribble of her opponents erodes the resilience fabric of her combat suit. Desperate, in agony, feeling as the fabric that covers her generous bust also becomes in nothing, Black Widow tries to drag her body far of the creatures, but they seem leeches, biting and eating every pound of the muscular, firm flesh of her calves.

Close to unconsciousness, the crippled avenger gets to reload her guns. Somehow, blinded by the acid viscosity, Natasha is unable to focus a target. Then, by instinct, the skilled super spy shot twice her guns again, hearing, with satisfaction, as her bullets hit on flesh...their flesh. But seconds later, a different sound can be heard...the splattering sound of their heads exploding.
The brave avenger tries to screech in despair, in the knowledge she is doomed. But no sound leaves her mouth while one of the creatures ignores the firm flesh of her calf, looking for the flesh of her exposed chest. Natasha´s body jerks in spasm of agony as its sharp teeth make its way through her ribs directly to her heart. A grim of painful incredulity appears on Black Widow´s face, realizing that, despite all her training and skills, she has been defeated and killed by fucked zombies. But her ordeal finishes fast, among the chewing sound of the creature´s mouths breaking her ribs, eating her heart, lungs and legs in a feast of blood, transforming the famous Black Widow in just a mass of meat.
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