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The Princess's Adventure - Page 9 - Try To Cut Yourself Free - By Milkyme - Overview
"If I can just cut the webs around me I can fall through below, I'm not too excited about falling some more, but its better than staying around here with him!"

Violetta pull out her pocket knife and attempts to cut the web.

"Damn it! It isn't working!"

Violetta fumbles the knife and it falls into the abyss below.

"Oh no, no NOOOOO!"

The large spider had slowly crawled over to the trapped girl while she struggled. Saliva dripping from its monstrous jaws.

It picks the girl off the web and quickly bites into its prey, injecting potent venom straight into Violettas bloodstream.


A extreme numbness overcomes Violetta.

"I.. Can't... Move... I'm done for..."

The spider begins wrapping its prize. Spraying web all over the girl until she looks like a lump of grey stuck to the web.

Satisfied with its work the spider lays it eggs all over Violetta, coating her it its offspring...
Violetta blacks out...

Days pass. Violetta during that time seemed to pass in and out of consciousness, unable to come up with a plan to save herself she gave up and slowly accepted her death, she was foolish to leave the castle by herself and nature had claimed her.

Eventually the egg sacs burst and hungry spiderlings burrow into the girls flesh, luckly for Violetta the venom dulled her senses enough that she never realized she had died. So her story ends, food for a pack of ravenous spiderlings.

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