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The Pokemon Story - Page 1 - ~Teh introduction~ - By Halcyon - Overview
Thanks for clicking!! Welcome to "The Pokemon Story", a massive Eka's Portal Interactive!

Just choose a Pokemon below, and get your adventures started! There's not much else to say - each one of these stories speaks for themselves. They are the result of decades' worth of community contribution. I hope you enjoy!

If you'd like to contribute, I highly encourage it! Anything goes, really - there are just some basic guidelines to follow:
-For now Pokemon, keep the first page with itss name as the title, and give a short description of it. Check one of the existing pages for an example!
-Please do not make "placeholders." It's fine and encouraged to make a choice that doesn't lead to a page, to give new contributors somewhere to start, but placeholder pages (i.e. "I'll come back and write something here later") block others from contributing.
-All pages MUST remain "Page & Story Owner" editable so that I can prune spam. Do not change edit permissions!
-I will occasionally prune excessive dead-ends as I see fit. Let's all do our best to create a fun vorish adventure!

Lastly, please remember that because this story was built over such a long period of time, the older chapters may not accurately reflect an author's writing skill or style. Let's help this story continue to grow with new chapters and adventures!



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