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The Pokemon Story - Page 1324 - You drift to sleep... - By FrozenEvil - Overview
As you fall asleep you know too little of what can happen if a Pokemon is placed in a different breeds vagina...

You relax and assume that eventually the cervix will open up allowing you to escape. You fall asleep as it is warm and comfy, resting your head facing a wall.

(3rd person) You have underestimated what you were doing, you fall into a deep coma and over the course of several months an umbilical cord attaches to your stomach, your fur melts away and you begin a transformation...

Meanwhile the Arcanine has no idea of this and only realizes when she starts getting mood swings and abdominal migraines, she thinks to herself:

Oh my goodness! Am I pregnant? I wonder when that happened! Maybe I took too many berries... Anyway I'd better prepare if I'm gonna have a child!

The Arcanine then prepared for your birth, she finds an isolated area and lays down. Then gets ready for maternity, still thinking you're pure Arcanine.

By this time your body has nearly fully transformed, your muscles are stronger and your skin is getting the orange striped pattern and you are developing a tail. Your ears are on the side of your head wiping out the old ones and replacing them with a more dog-like structure, your face has poked out into a muzzle and your nose as turned to a black point. Your sense of navigation , smell, sight and hearing had greatly improved and you didn't even know it! But your brain had reformed and only parts of your memory as an Eevee were safe.

The Arcanine (Now to be referred to as Arcanine) felt deep pain in her vagina, she was about to give birth and it wasn't comfy. She lay out and pushed hard, she yelped softly as you are pushed out onto the floor. Arcanine was happy and licked all the amniotic fluids of of you and you become drowsy. Not being able to see is part of life for a new-born Growlithe!

Over a course of a few months, you develop fur and a luscious mane, finally your mother (Really step-mother but we'll call her that!) decides it's time to teach you to hunt. She teaches you all the basic, stalking, remaining undetected, where to strike first and the takes you hunting for real. She takes you to a spot behind a bush near the beach and she says to you:

"Now baby, I want you to find and hunt a prey, when you strike it I want you to remember this memento as your first catch."

You walk out of the bush into a patch of grass and spot a Pokemon, 'An easy catch' you hope as you identify it as a...
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