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The Pokemon Story - Page 15 - The digestion starts - By TranzAndri - Overview
<p>Of course there was no way out in the end. You tried to scramble up the fleshy walls to the way you came, but you only recieved a few slips and a rain of saliva swallowed by the large Pokemon to obtain more of your flavor for its enjoyment. You helplessly wriggle against the sides, the warm moist air beginning to make you sleepy as you try the other exit. The other hole is equally tight, and perhaps had you tried it earlier you would have gotten out, but your strength has been sapped by the heavy air, you falling hopelessly down into the rising pool of digestive juices, slowly melting your brown fur away, then your tasty meat, and all the rest until nothing remains of you other than the mush of nutrients.</p>
<p>Soon, your remains are passed through the intestines, where they use what usable nutrients were there of you. Soon, you arrive in the large Pokemon's rectum, and only a little later are forced out of the Pokemon's ass with the rest of its waste, nothing more than scat now. If only you had thought before you lept.</p>
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