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The Pokemon Story - Page 2012 - Leafy pal! - By FrozenEvil - Overview
You wander down the route where you went back as a human, you eventually find the rock where you used to draw, you've decided to put that behind you now since you're a Pokémon.

You hear a rustling coming from the bush to your left and your Leafeon pal jumps out! "Who are you?" You hear her say in a soft voice, you respond with;

"I'm your friend, the artist guy, I got turned into a Growlithe, long story."

Her face lightens up as she dives into you, she playfully pins you down.

After a while of messing about you prove it's you and she takes you back to her den, it's a small cave that's been overgrown with a cushiony floor made out of some flowers, you explain how you became a Growlithe and she is quite intrigued. She says her name is 'Dlareme' or 'Eme' for short. She also explains she knows many Pokémon but you were the only human she knew.

Just then, Eme offers for you to become her Eevee, you're quite surprised and know you would have to go into another vagina again, but eventually decide...
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