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The Pokemon Story - Page 2013 - Gulped down! - By FrozenEvil - Overview
You teleport about 20 meters north of your current location, you look outside to see a large Typhlosion walking along.

You rock back and forth as he picks your machine up, the machine flashes with a symbol telling you it can't teleport since it's not still.

You're taken by surprise as the Typhlosion starts grabbing pieces of he machine and ripping them off, before placing them in his mouth and gulping then down. You sit back and watch as the large pred chomps away at the machine, his chops are almost mesmerizing... You snap back into focus as the Typhlosion stares down at the one-way glass before his maw comes directly around your capsule. He licks all over the screen before you sink down the back of his throat. The machinery has broken by this point and you're sent down his throat in an iron pill basically.

You land with a splash in his stomach, the machine appears to fill his large belly, there is no acid leaking into your machine so you sit back and relax as the capsule is slowly digested in the monster of a pred.

After a relax you see some juices leak into the machine so decide to escape, you hear the Typhlosion snoring outside so the throat seems like the best escape.

You push down his stomach sphincter and crawl inside, you eventually reach his mouth and walk on his large tongue, you lie on his tongue for a bit and contemplate what it would be like to have a pred as a friend so you wouldn't b=get digested, you eventually pull his teeth up and jump out his mouth, you wash off in a pool of water near the Typhlosion and decide to...
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