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The Pokemon Story - Page 2017 - Buizel bite! - By FrozenEvil - Overview
Page 2017, written in 2017.
You walk over to a barrel on the other side of the room and you find it's filled with monstrously sized berries, you dive in the barrel and look at the size of them, some are as large as your head! You roll up into a ball and check your reflection in a pot, you look just like a tiny Lum berry in a sea of giant berries!

You stay rolled up as you hear the chef walking over, to your horror he grabs you and places you on a plate, you stay as packed as possible, you appear to be being used as garnish or an extra, you lie on the table as the food around you is pulled away, you and the other extras are eventually taken out, you walk through multiple kitchens and come out into a large restaurant, you spy Pokemon on the floor eating the spare food, a rather ingenious idea. You're carried out onto the table and the full people there decline the offer, you're scraped off toward the floor, you're just about to hit it when you're gulped down by the hungry jaws of a Buizel. You lay in his cramped stomach, you know that you won't digest due to your abilities, you eventually decide to...
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