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The Pokemon Story - Page 2327 - Trapped. - By FrozenEvil - Overview
You tell Cassy to wait until the creature is asleep, then you'll both clamber out up his gullet, the bat sounds as if it's going to rest anyway.

You both wait for a while in the sticky digestive mess, the constant glorping and gurgling sounds don't help your paranoia of Cass getting digested. You listen for a while until the lazy creature sounds like it's settled.

You whisper to Cassy to make it towards the entrance to the stomach sac, dimly lit by red light from the outside of the Noivern.

She makes it over, you hear very loud squelching noises and heartbeat noises emanating from the Pokémon; Noiverns are very sensitive to noise so just speaking is taking a risk. You hear the creature grown and fall backwards into the mess, staying still to avoid movement.

You decide to pick yourself up and crawl to the entrance to the oesophagus and watch as your Kitsune friend crawls forward carefully through the fleshy tube, you watch her tails vanish into the mass, you then decide to begin your exit.

You push up through the throat of the Noivern, the heartbeat and breathing rate gets louder then quietens as you pass the
centre of the draconic bat and push up into the cavernous mouth.

You wait at the top and look forwards to see your Ninetales friend sneak over the tongue and reach the end of the mouth,
she lifts up the sharp-toothed jaws of the creature and a wall of sticky saliva sags down.

You notice some bushes from outside of the mouth and she does too, she signals you to go there one you're both out and quickly slips out of the Noivern's lips before slowly closing you inside.

You decide to make your way across the tongue and carefully take a step... One... Two... Thre- You pause as you hear a loud groan, forcing you on your chest.

It is only now you finally realise the condition of the area you're in, you take a whiff of the saliva on the muscle you lay on, it smells like raw meat and feels like a more sticky yoghurt to the touch, the air has the consistency of fog and smells acidic like vinegar with a strong undertone of gravy.

You gag slightly but don't open your mouth for fear of inhaling some of the spit. You then try to crawl towards to teeth at the front of the mouth, you're knocked to the side as the beast groans again, you try to stand up but are topped when you feel the head of the Noivern rapidly arise.
You fall backwards and attempt to hold the tongue as discreetly as possible, but end up sliding between its tongue and teeth.

You hear the bat make some groan loudly as it awakes from sleep. You slip slightly, the cavernous jaws open as the Noivern yawns loudly, you're blown slightly forward, on the tongue just in front of the teeth, you stare out of his mouth leaving you with a perfect view of the cave.

There's one exit with a bush blocking the view outside to the left and no other visible exits. There's a hole beaming light into the room from above, but it doesn't look large enough to get through.

You hear a moan and lean down to see his massive cock, it's pointing upward and the dragon is masturbating. He strokes his dick up and down rapidly and lulls back in pleasure and leaves his jaws open in lust.

You hold the tongue but slip and...
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