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The Pokemon Story - Page 2544 - Cock - By Drake_451 - Overview
"Your friends are going to serve as my food...but I've got special plans for you." The Monferno said while rolling you over, bringing you face to face with the tip of his erect member. He takes the back of your head and squishes it against his tip which opens to take your head in. The inside of his shaft works to 'swallow' you and pulls you in and he is then able to lift you off the ground. Your feetpaws hang from his tip before being sucked inside. You slid through the shaft and felt yourself land in the fleshy sac that hangs between his legs.

You wriggle inside and the walls of the sac churn over you and you feel some sticky white stuff getting into your fur. Unbeknownst to you, your being turned into the stuff...his seed. But what does he plan to do with you after?
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