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The Pokemon Story - Page 2548 - Immune. - By FrozenEvil - Overview
You slip painfully into the Arcanine's stomach with a slick gulp, you slide eyes-closed and face-first down their throat, gritting your teeth and fully expecting a hard burn then death, but are uniquely met with a splash of hot saliva over your face and nothing else.

"Ahhh¬ Such a easy meal, I almost feel bad." You hear the Arcanine snort.

You feel a deep "Burp* as the Arcanine begins walking,

"Mmm, you're already digesting, not even visible." They say, prodding their stomach and not realizing what's going on. You feel your confines lengthen as the Arcanine takes a stretch on a sunbathed rock, "Such an unfulfilling meal,- already dead, not even a kicker like I'd hoped." You would kick the Arcanine right then and there if your damaged body could handle it, unfortunately you're left to the mercy of the Arcanine's muscles.
You feel a jolt as the Arcanine jumps down a small hill, it has been murmuring to itself about something but you haven't been listening, "...Some larger prey will do." Is all you hear before your pulled back as it darts off into the deep forest.

You finally collect yourself for a brief while as water trickles into the stomach, it fills up a little and is polluted as a mass of berries flood your space. You cram yourself against the slippery walls and take a bite of s few less slime-covered berries, they don't go down very well.

You feel the stomach tense up and it gets very cramped, you push upwards to get a bit of breathing air, the water drains a little but the organ still shrinks, you end up face first in some muscle and feel the Arcanine prowl across the floor...

You feel it pick up pace, faster and faster until!...
A loud *Gluck!* and a Pokémon massively expands the stomach, you can't really identify it in the dim red light, but it uncurls it's head for a second to reveal it's a very fidgety Zangoose.

"Such easy prey!" You hear laughed from outside, you face is pressed against the stomach by the Zangoose's back, the Zangoose decides to snap back,

"I was napping you cheat!" It shouts, rapidly shaking and kicking.

"Oh a kicker!" The Arcanine lulls over it's prey, "Now you be quiet, and digest faster, I've got to go home." The Zangoose shakes and grunts in rage, not able to move its claws.


After a long time you hear the Zangoose sobbing in anger, it's digesting with a quick pace now and the everything around you is becoming a lot more red. You hear it let out its last breath and the stomach seems noticeably smaller, the Arcanine talks to its now non-existent prey and rubs their belly, they're presumably in their layer.

"Oh well, time for a nap, you'll be nice ass fat," the Arcanine chuckles, patting themselves once more before laying a head down on a makeshift bed to sleep.

You now might have an opportunity to escape since you feel a little better, but should you attempt the risk throat climb?
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