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The Pokemon Story - Page 2550 - Coil him up as you decide, getting a nice feel and measure of this potential rival. - By Zavvnao - Overview
Your thick, predatorial coils and scales wrap around his, feeling the deep, squishy chubbiness from recently gurgled prey, making sure the intruder knows that you are the one in charge as he wakes up.

You get to smirk nicely as the recently fed and sluggish rival meeps in suprise, squirming in your grip, the gurgling and sloshing of his stomach rather teasing for both of you.

"What... what is this! Let go before I eat you, you scrawny excuse for a seviper!" The other seviper says, trying to sound fierce, but you both know who has the upper hand here. His squirms let you feel rather dominant, encouraging you to coil in more firmly and enjoying the struggle.
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