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The Pokemon Story - Page 2655 - Your purpose - By Jayezox - Overview
You decide it’s best to introduce yourself before explaining. ”My name is Lewyn and I want to evolve to grow plants. They’re just fascinating and have all kinds of effects. The thing is, some of them won’t grow domesticated without the aid of a grass type. The sought out reviver seeds are one of them. Predators can eat their prey without having to permanently kill them, but they’re so expensive. There’s also a handful of other lesser known seeds in my stash that I want to try growing after I evolve. I’m hoping to start my own business and help others out.

”That’s quite a mind you have there. Not many have tried it. I’m willing to help you evolve, but that’s not the most stable career choice out there. It could be quite risky. Are you still sure you want to evolve into a Leafeon?”

You nod eagerly, “I’m willing to take risks to help others. Making some money on the side wouldn’t hurt either. ”You look like you won’t be a waste of time Lewyn. I’ll help you out tomorrow morning. In the meantime,” she talks more quietly, “wanna crash at my place?”

You notice many pokemon are staring at her and yourself, a few of them taking pictures. ”Dammit! Not this again! she whispers quietly before raising her voice, Look, if everyone wants to know what’s going on I’m helping a fellow Eevee in need of evolution. We models do charity work too you know. My client here is camera shy so put them down before you become an appetizer!

The crowd clears after Tes’s threat. She gives off an evil smirk and slips you a note before walking away. ”See you tomorrow Lewyn.” She left some food and money on the table for the bill. Since she walked away, you help yourself to some of it while you’re waiting for the waiter. It’s the Persian from before, “Tes is one of my best customers” he said as he picks up the tab, “her presence brings in some customers and she tips well. It’s none of my business, but I gotta say you’re one lucky Eevee to sit next to her and talk to her.”

You head back outside and read the note it has directions to her house and a message:

Come stop by if you dare, but avoid the guards on your way. There’s a secret entrance under the bush next to my window. Either way, see you tomorrow and make sure no one sees this note, or else.


Guards? What will happen if you get caught? You decide to...
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