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The Pokemon Story - Page 2656 - A rude encounter - By Jayezox - Overview
You decide taking your chances with the guards might be worth the visit. You’re not sure why you have to avoid them. You follow the directions on the note until you’re at what looks like a palace, but is really an expensive apartment. Some lights on the upper floors are lit up. Is this where the celebrities live? A Zangoose spots you, ”Hey you! This place is off limits to anyone but residents after dusk. Get lost or…” he pats his belly and smirks ”you can be a midnight snack.” That doesn’t sound pleasant. You come up with an excuse, ”My apologies. I’m new to the city and thought this was the Hotel. ”You're a long way off kid. The Hotel is about ten blocks that way. Now scram!”

You do as he says and scurry off to the direction he pointed. You begin to wonder if Tes’s apartment is an apartment or more like a prison. You get behind a building a few blocks from the apartment. There’s an outer stairway that leads to the roof. The roof might have a better view of the area or you could try sneaking around the other side from the ground. Either way, you’re alone in the city at night so who knows what lurks around the corner.
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