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The Pokemon Story - Page 2657 - Climb the Roof - By Jayezox - Overview
You need a better view of the area so you climb up the stairway. Your paws are greeted by cold metal and are soft enough to not make any noise. You get to the top to find out that the whole apartment building is surrounded by guards on each side. Strangely, the roofs are relatively unoccupied. You start jumping from roof to roof, catching no attention from anyone. It’s a good thing you have soft paw pads and a light weight body.

You eventually make it to a rooftop within jumping length of what is supposed to be Tes’s window according to her note. The lights are off and the window is closed, but there are glow in the dark stars accompanied by a moon painted on the walls inside. It seems like a motif an Umbreon would go for anyway. You’re definitely here, but now it’s a matter of getting inside the closed window. You can either make a leap for the window and open it yourself or throw something at it to get Tes’s attention first. A leap of faith could mean a fall, but an object hitting a window will surely catch the attention of a guard below. Now what do you do?
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