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The Pokemon Story - Page 2658 - Inside Tes's home - By Jayezox - Overview
You throw a rock at your friend’s window in hopes that she notices you. It makes a loud clash against the window, but doesn’t break it thankfully. On the ground below you can hear a guard shout, “What was that?” You back off immediately hoping he doesn’t find you. The ray from the flashlight is in sight across the gap you wanted to leap across sending shivers down your spine. You wait for the light to stop flashing your way the peek over to Tes’s window. She’s there opening the window as you peer. “Why are you shining that light? It’ll ruin my meditation!” she complains. “My apologies miss. I thought something hit your window” the guard replies. “No, I was opening it to get fresh air. Can you leave me be?” “Uh, sure thing. As long as nothing is getting in” the guard stops shining the light upward and continues his normal patrol.

Tess retreats from the edge of the window and beckons you over. You leap from the roof of the building you’re on into the maw of the shiny umbreon on the other side of the window to your surprise. She was probably catching you so you wouldn’t make more sound to alarm the guard again. Her soft lips did a good job at cushioning your landing. Her pleasant breath give the hint that she probably freshened it up with some breath mints or perhaps she just brushed her teeth.

The shiny Umbreon lays down on all fours and spits you out gently on the ground. “I can’t believe you went through all that trouble to find me” she coos, “You definitely deserve to stay the night here. Just don’t wander off. Anyone that doesn’t belong here will never be seen again.” Really wanting to know what’s going on you inquire, “about that. Is this like a prison or something? Why do you need to be heavily guarded. Why can’t you just tell the guards I’m with you?”

She thinks long and hard as if not expecting the question, “You really are different if you ask questions like that. Most would try to get my autograph, mate with me, or enjoy the luxury of my place without a care in the world. Maybe it’s the reason I thought I should help you; you’re very different. You see, the life of a celebrity is not all glamour and glitz like most make it out to be. The cost of making so much money is our employers, well, they practically own us. They also don’t want any commoners coming into contact with their property without any compensation. It doesn’t matter if I want to see someone else unless I come up with an excuse like charity for some public relations.”

She leads you to an expensive looking black leather couch next to a glass coffee table with a blue dimming LED ring around it. The fancy attractive furniture leaves you in a trance. Your host giggles at you, “Admiring my table and couch? Go ahead, have a seat. I’ll get you something so we can talk more. You gotta be thirsty. What kind of a berry drink? Fermented or not?”
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